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Samo, a project with many artistic collaborations created by Charlotte Breton, is now focusing on the creation of scented candles

Charlotte Breton, former photographer/web designer, had set up her Samo project to exhibit artists online and propose illustrators' creations on different media. The annoyances and the time made, Samo matured during four years. The brand now offers scented candles for the home, always in close collaboration with illustrators. Developed over the years, and in constant evolution, they are made of a mixture of soya wax, rapeseed and beeswax. The designer also produces vegan models, made exclusively of soy wax, and will expand her range to include fluxes and home fragrances.

"Fashion is not my element, but offering t-shirts was easier to get started and promote illustrators. Little by little, I started making several decorative objects. Including candles, which I had already been making for a long time for my personal use, and always in collaboration with illustrators. I created a lot of objects while stopping the gallery because it was too complicated. Recently, I realized that what was most interesting and pleasing to me were the candles. »

SAMO candles
SAMO candles
SAMO candles
SAMO candles
SAMO candles
Samo is a brand in constant evolution

For Charlotte Breton, Samo has followed a real evolutionary process. Indeed, during these four years of existence, "every time something negative happened, it made me progress. In particular, I had problems that made me lose a lot of money. »

The entrepreneur does not hide having already thought about quitting, business creation is often full of obstacles! "In these moments of great strides and big decisions, I thought to myself, "Either I close the box, or I do something else. Each time, I regained my courage with both hands, thinking to myself, "Come on! We keep going and we're just going to make smart progress. "» »

Today, Samo is a brand of handmade candles by their creator, "Everything is done in my workshop. Before we had one in a shop with a friend, but the quantities were getting too large. I temporarily reassembled the workshop in my living room! »

Charlotte Breton works with only one supplier who buys her perfumes in the famous city of Grasse. "He offers me the basic smells, like fig. But I mix them myself: for example, we have an oriental smell. It is a mixture of cedar, hazelnut and honey. »

SAMO candles
Illustrated candles

One of Samo's distinctive elements is the intervention of illustrators on the packaging of candles. Colourful, stylized, they have never deserved their status as decorative objects more than they do now.

« On the next collections, there will only be one or two illustrators, so that their style will be a little more present. On this winter's collection, I had given them a theme that was "Ode to the woman". There had been the MeToo movement, where women were always referred to as victims. I wanted to show exactly the opposite, some of them unfortunately are, but they are not just that. There are women who have made history, who have said exactly what they meant. And that advance our female population. »

SAMO candles
"I am happy to be where I am, and to finally do something that makes me happy and makes me want to get up in the morning. I have my own company, yes it's complicated, but I feel like I've gotten where I wanted to be. »

Despite past disappointments, its place is now in the scents: candles, fluxes and home fragrances under development. A new range will be released at the beginning of December 2018: "candles made with leather found at "la réserve des arts", but also pieces with simpler and more neutral colours such as cork. ", to enjoy yourself all year round.