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Organic bath towel

Collection of organic bath towels De uria

With their natural mineral shades, organic De uriatowels all combine beautifully with each other and offer you exceptional comfort, absorption and durability.

What could be more pleasant than a thick, yet light, and absorbent towel that is 100% organic and environmentally friendly?

Available in 4 sizes:
- Guests 30x 30 cm
- Hands & hair 50 x 85cm
- Shower 70x 140cm
- Deluxe Spa 90x 180cm



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Catherine Florez De uria
Catherine Florez, creator of De uriathe first Swiss brand to create 100% organic yoga and home products that take care of you and our planet.

Impregnated since the age of 18 with oriental philosophy, Catherine Florez has created her De uria100% organic and natural brand. Yoga mats are ethically hand-woven in India and offer an alternative, born of environmental and yogi awareness, to the mats found on the market: "Practicing on rubber is antinomic with the spirit of yoga. "The bath line is created in Portugal from GOTS-certified organic cotton.

"I have an atypical background, after studying sinology and oriental philosophy, I continued my studies in international relations and economics. My work environment was very interesting: I travelled and met many people. I discovered yoga during a class to which I was taken, the catchphrase was immediate. And little by little, my practice naturally took me away from my work: I wanted to get closer to my values and be in agreement with myself. My brand is eco-responsible while supporting disadvantaged communities with unique know-how. »