Aurélie Giard

Pin's Boob

The pin's Boob takes back the punch of:Aurélie Giard the breast.
Graphic and discreet. He was the first of the Boob's series. It inspired the Boob and Booby earrings.

Silver or champagne vermeil (24-carat gold) | Diameter: about 1.5 cm



Direct-to-Designer: Direct order. Creator catalogue price, excluding special operations.

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Aurélie Giard
Aurélie Giarda designer of resolutely contemporary jewellery, with simple and refined lines, whose hallmark is the breast, a strong symbol
I launched my eponymous brand in 2017, with the desire to create resolutely contemporary pieces, with simple and refined lines. Aurélie Giardis a feminine brand, whose hallmark is the breast, a strong symbol. Women are indeed at the heart of my creations with some of my flagship models including the pin's and boob earrings. There is a real desire to offer women precious and timeless jewellery. Specialized in earrings, most models are sold by the unit, allowing customers to compose their pair according to their desires and budget. Some parts are removable, while others allow you to choose a choice of colour and materials, whether silver or vermeil.