Detox officinale | Multi-Defense Detox Cream

Self-Defense care for perfectly detoxified, pollution-free, hydrated, luminous and divinely silky skin

Nothing (or almost nothing...) pierces the high-performance shield of this face cream!

The free radicals and UV rays responsible for skin ageing are trapped for a skin that is durably protected from the ravages of time. Day after day, its patented active ingredients improve skin quality to reveal a visibly younger and smoother complexion.

Dress your skin with a freshly picked bouquet, at dawn, with vegetal notes of dandelion revealed in all candor by the delicacy of Iris and the sparkling citrus fruits. Immersion in the heart of nature guaranteed.

Its secret formula:
- 84% of ingredients of natural origin
- Fresh sap of organic Birch, organic Chaga, Dandelion, Apple, Magnolia...
- 0% Silicones, Parabens, PEG, Gluten, Mineral oils, Sodium laureth sulfate, Animal ingredients, Phenoxyethanol, Colours.

Dermatologically tested | SPF30 l 40ml | Article not returned or exchanged


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Victim of its success!

Saeve Cosmetics Pauline Bony
Pauline Bony, a beauty enthusiast who has decided to create her ideal cosmetics brand: Saève, treatments based on fresh organic birch sap, super-natural and ultra-performing magical formulas
"Passionate about beauty since the beginning, I spent fifteen years developing products for the biggest names in French cosmetics before creating Saevemy ideal brand. The fruit of my singular and offbeat vision of beauty. In other words, over the years, I have learned almost everything about the secrets of ingredients and textures - I have tested nearly 2,000 formulas - and I have had the opportunity to collaborate with researchers, professors and biologists who have taught me, with evidence, certain key concepts: the need to protect her skin every day with anti-oxidants, to reactivate her skin's immune defences rather than constantly over-soliciting her, to use ingredients of natural origin, which remain what is best for her... In short, I concluded that there is still a lot to do. And that the field of possibilities was infinite. »