Marie Gold

Venus earrings

Precious details inspired by ancient Italian art.

The collections Marie Gold are entirely made in France. Each piece is assembled and gilded with 24-carat pure gold at Paris.

French brass and steel metalwork | Length: 35 mm


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Stefani and Sébastien, a tandem of fashion designers who created Marie Goldfrom jewellery to the hypnotic and feminine world of flowers

Stefani and Sébastien Martini form the creative duo Marie Gold. Their complementarity is at the origin of the jewellery brand which infinitely declines the hypnotic and feminine universe of flowers. "We have always wanted to create a brand that brings our personalities together. We have imagined jewellery Marie Goldas the sensual expression of each of the women we meet, whom we love, whatever their age or their history, a jewellery that is transmitted and that remains accessible to all. We wanted them to feel beautiful thanks to a small universal detail: the flower."