Medene Beauty Cosmetics
Marie-Claire, Camille and Laure



« J’ai rencontré Laure, une de trois 3 co-fondatrices pétillantes de la team Medene lors du petit déjeuner que nous organisons pour réunir les créateurs de notre collectif. J’ai adoré l’enthousiasme avec lequel elle m’a plongée dans le monde de l’aromathérapie ! Medene pour moi, c’est une qualité incroyable de matières premières qui ouvre un univers réconfortant, offrant un moment hors du temps à nous toutes, femmes modernes en quête perpétuelle de temps pour nous. » 

Marianna, founder of Face To Face 

Laure, Marie-Claire et Camille, trois femmes à l’origine de Medene. De l’aromathérapie aux compositions simples, authentiques et efficaces 

While aromatherapy has regained a prominent place in our daily lives in recent years, few people are yet able to master its art without damage. Cosmetic and wellness Medenetreatments were born from this observation, they offer the benefits of essential and vegetable oils in complete safety and simplicity.

"All three of us are fans of our brand! MedeneThanks to a lot of people who have agreed to help us, we have great products and a great image. It's great to be able to meet the need we identified at the beginning of the adventure to really secure the aromatherapy experience and make it easier."

Medene Beauty Cosmetics
Medene Beauty Cosmetics
Medene Beauty Cosmetics
Medene Beauty Cosmetics
Simplified aromatherapy, the therapeutic benefits of essential and vegetable oils

When a pharmacist, project management engineer and chemist meet, they can only create a bold and healthy brand: MedeneMeden agan means "nothing too much" in ancient Greek. "We did the HEC entrepreneurs master's degree together to have a more general and business experience, all three of us wanted to create a company and feel that we could have an impact on society. We could form an interesting team based on our initial backgrounds and personal abilities."

The synergy between the three future designers works well, "we were all three interested in cosmetics and lifestyle, sensitive to a return to the natural, we wanted to do something clean for the consumer, respectful of the environment and especially in accordance with our values."

Ouvertes à leur environnement et observatrices, Camille, Marie-Claire et Laure trouvent rapidement l’objet de leur marque en devenir. “C’est quand une de nos amies s’est brûlée le visage en essayant de calmer ses problèmes d’acnés avec du tea tree pur (huile essentielle d’arbre à thé) que nous avons été alertées et avons décidé d’agir. Pourquoi l’usage des huiles essentielles, gouttelettes aussi précieuses et efficaces que dangereuses pour les non initiés n’était réservé qu’aux connaisseurs et addictes ?”

Medene Beauty Cosmetics
Care Made in France eco-responsible 

The 318 range ofMedene, date of meeting of the three friends (August 31, 2017), is the result of a very meticulous market research. "We started working on the project in January 2018. At the beginning of the adventure, we had the chance to be accompanied by our training again. The field study consisted of visiting 250 pharmacies in Parisorder to see how the essential oils were placed and how they were used by talking to more than 700 people."

For the women entrepreneurs, there was absolutely no question of passing on the quality of the materials used. A quest for the made in France for an impeccable product, while respecting the environment and health. "We went around France to visit all our suppliers and the producers of essential and vegetable oils with whom we really wanted to work. Everyone was chosen for their eco-responsible spirit and the understanding we had. They source all their products either from local French producers or from international producers where the oils are produced since some plants do not grow in France. »

The origin of the name Medenecomes from a quote from Socrates "Meden Agan" meaning "Nothing too much"

Medene Beauty Cosmetics
Medene a proximity brand in co-creation and tailor-made

The formulations were made in co-creation with an aromatherapist pharmacist and testers. For the creators ofMedene, the exchange with their clients is an essential point for the development of an effective care. "We do sensory and efficacy tests with a community of testers. It's part of the brand's DNA to have this spirit of sharing. These tests bring them closer to our brand and really help us, it's a great exchange."

The 318 range will soon be expanded. But the initial project Medeneshould see the light of day soon. "We are working hard on our tailor-made aromatherapy project. The user will answer various questions, which will allow for an online pharmaceutical diagnosis. We will then know the formulation we will have to develop for his skin." This innovative concept will allow the trio to employ one or two people to create these compositions.

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