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"We met with Victory at Station F. Her brand was only at the concept stage at the time and I was able to follow its evolution with great interest. His passion for Yoga and holistic approach to life led him to create AZAR, his sportswear line dedicated to women who are as concerned about their shape as they are about the environment. His bras and leggings are all made in Europe with eco-responsible materials. Named for this great initiative! "Marianna, Founder of Face to Face

AZAR, sportswear created by Victoire Flochel for women who are bubbling up

The AZAR brand, created by Victoire Flochel, is the result of a long Search effort to bring comfort and aesthetics to women's sportswear. Made in Europe with Oeko-Tex certified fabrics, Azar clothes are designed for dynamic, bubbly and feminine women.

"When I joined the IFM, I was completely unaware of the ecological impact of the Fashion. This industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, so I figured it was impossible not to create an ethical brand."

AZAR was created under the overflowing energy of Victoire thanks to training at the Institut Français de la Fashion

It is with an overflowing energy and the carefree attitude of a beginner that Victoire leaves the ASSAS law school. She went Paris to the French Institute of Law Fashion to follow a diploma course in entrepreneurship Fashion ! Victoire arrives at the IFM with a universe that is more than a product: colours, a discourse, a way of addressing women... One thing, however, was already fixed in his head. His brand would take the name AZAR, his third first name.

The programme that Victoire is following allows her to familiarise herself with the world of manufacturing and to make many decisive encounters in her career. Thus, she discovers what is marketingFashion, a business plan, accounting or creating an identity. "I didn't know anything! And that's probably also why I started, I wasn't too aware of the huge challenge it represented! »

Terracotta, tennis court, blood orange, fire, desert... are the evocations that draw the contours of the brand's universe. As training progresses, her brand project reaches an operational stage. The colours, the images that Victoire had in mind became AZAR.

"I came up with the idea to create my brand three years ago. "I took the plunge and didn't ask myself too many questions. I knew absolutely nothing about itFashion ! Zero, zero, zero! I was young, motivated, and my entourage supported me right away. »

Creating quality sportswear that combines ethics, comfort, support and aesthetics: quite a challenge! 

Victoire has been playing sports for a long time, but has never worn a sports bra. In her subconscious, it was something very ugly and a piece she didn't want to spend her money on. When she saw one of her friends wearing one, the idea came to her. Her brand would be dedicated to making these necessary underwear look good and presentable!

Victoire decided to tackle this highly technical product with the challenge of creating quality sportswear combining ethics, comfort, support and aesthetics.

To take up the challenge, the designer had to search a long time to find designers and model makers to collaborate with. She surrounds herself withhe sports and lingerie designers to work on 3 models of bras and one model of leggings. 3 different cuts adapted for sports from the most intense to the mildest.

Victoire uses Okeo-tex certified Italian fabrics for all its pieces.This is a guarantee of quality for health and ecology because they are free of any harmful substances. These clothes are " made in Europe", manufactured in a factory in Portugal, near Porto.

"The first collection includes 3 models of bras suitable for all women and all types of sports: Yoga boxing, dancing, running..."

The Azar woman is bubbly, dynamic, sensitive and epicurean...

In the image of Victory, the Azar woman." it's the woman who's bubbling, who's energetic, who's moving! She's an ambivalent woman. She takes care of herself, she's feminine, she can be sensitive too. She's a woman who gives a lot of importance to pleasure: food, going out... "

The lines are graphic, the backs of the bras are hyper worked without being overloaded. Graphic and refined, to stay in the spirit of sport. Victoire was greatly inspired by the dance she has been passionately practicing for a long time.

 "It's very aesthetic, and there are a lot of different styles: classical dance which is very feminine, contemporary dance which is a free expression ofBody, hip hop, world dances... it's an idea of movement that inspires me. »

Passionate about dance, the designer has nevertheless thought of all sports by creating bras adapted to different sports, such as boxing or running. Victoire Flochet still has a thousand ideas to develop AZAR and in particular to give it an even more ethical dimension.


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